Online Course Quantitative Morphology and Histology using Stereology

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Organizer: Mark West

Professor of Medical Neurobiology, Author of the most cited scientific papers on the application of modern stereological methods to the nervous system

Online Course in Quantitative Morphology; Description

This interactive online course is designed to teach research scientists how to design, carry out, and evaluate quantitative studies of structural features, such as cell number and size, fiber length, and volumes of specific regions of organ systems. The course comprises a series of 8 interactive internet modules hosted by Mark West, each of which is one and one half hours in length.

The design based stereological techniques and data analyses taught in this course have become the standard for quantitative morphological studies, in view of the enhanced reproducibility of studies required by NIH, granting agencies, and journals. The target audience includes neuroscience research scientists working at the graduate student, post-doctoral, and senior scientists who are interested in the practical application of design based stereological methods.

Your participation in this online version of the course can be carried at any location of your choice. It does not require transport and lodging, as has been the case with the previous presentations at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole and in connection with the Annual Meetings of the Society for Neuroscience for the past several years.

Exercises will be carried out with computer simulators that teach participants on their own laptops how to collect stereological data. The simulator software will be sent to participants prior to their participation. The instruction manual for the exercises will similarly be sent by email prior to the first session. The course is based on my text book on stereology “Basic Stereology for Biologists and Neuroscientists”, CSHLP, a copy of which will be provided to each participant during the course. Those completing the course will receive a diploma signed by me, indicating that they have successfully completed the course.

Practical information: The course will be carried out with internet conferencing software at no additional cost to participants. Prior to a session, I will invite the participant (by email) to join a particular “meeting” at a particular time that is mutually agreed upon. The participant need only click on the link that will bring him or her to the “meeting".

For more information contact me at neurostereology2015@gmail.

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Don’t be fooled. Make sure you are signing up for the Neurostereology Workshop and introductory stereology courses taught by Mark West. This course is based on the book written by Mark J. West, Introduction to Stereology for Biologists and Neuroscientists, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press.